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Future Projects

October 20, 2010

Just a brief post today of some things I want to accomplish in the near future:

  1. Get in shape – my physical activity currently consists of a) taking the dog for a walk in the morning, b) running around the yard with my son and c) occasional yard work or other lightly taxing house work. Years ago I would get up before the crack of dawn, go to the gym and lift weights. It gave me a good feeling, energy that lasted all day compared to my caffeine induced jolt I currently get. I’m thinking about trying kettlebells, since they are a small investment (about $30 for a 20 lb) and I could purchase additional single weights as I improve. I don’t really want to lose weight, just get stronger and fitter. The hope is to run a 5k next spring or summer.
  2. Sell a piece of furniture I’ve built. Earlier this year I built a bench and a bookshelf from plans found on a website I read regularly. I have quite a few projects I need to complete at home – mostly painting – before I can devote a lot of time to this, but I think by next summer I should be able to accomplish this goal.
  3. Compile a recipe book/menu of things we currently like to cook. Sunday is traditionally our grocery shopping day and it seems every week we get stuck on what we are going to fix for dinner the following week. I’d like to have a simple list to refer back to and come up with a week’s menu in a few minutes. I think this would work best online, as I could hyper-link and tag each recipe by main ingredient.



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